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Note: Oracle Dynamic SQL does not support object types, cursor variables, arrays of structs, DML returning clauses, Unicode variables, and LOBs. 10.04.2012 · CP wrote: Should I avoid Cursor in Cursor or Cursor in Execute Immediate?What you should avoid is dynamic SQL. But your approach goes beyond just mere dynamic SQL - it uses dynamic PL/SQL to create a cursor. That is very much a non-sensible approach. This begs the question. What on earth is the problem that you are attempting to hack.

OPEN cursor-variable-name Specifies an identifier for a cursor variable that was previously declared within a PL/SQL context. FOR dynamic-string Specifies a string literal or string variable that contains a SELECT statement without the terminating semicolon. The statement can contain named parameters, such as, for example,:param1. USING bind-arg. DBMS_SQL for Dynamic SQL. PL/SQL provide the DBMS_SQL package that allows you to work with dynamic SQL. The process of creating and executing the dynamic SQL contains the following process. OPEN CURSOR: The dynamic SQL will execute in the same way as a cursor. So in order to execute the SQL statement, we must open the cursor. 06.09.2007 · Re: Fetch Dynamic SQL into Cursor Billy~Verreynne Sep 4, 2007 5:15 AM in response to 517373 Well, the "correct method" is to directly expose the Oracle collection type to the client application via its PL/SQL interface to Oracle.

Hi, I need to write a procedure which has a cursor that stores the list of table names. We need to loop the cursor and for each table name it should look for a code in that particular table. thank goodness Perhaps you've never heard of this thing called SQL Injection - but your routine is a prime example of it. Please do not do this, that one routine would allow me to have read access to ANY TABLE, the ENTIRE TABLE in your schema, anything that the owner of this procedure has access to. Executing a dynamic sql statement into a SYS_REFCURSOR. Ask Question Asked 9 years, 9. Technically, if the SELECT returns a cursor datatype you could select it into a ref cursor which execute immediate or a static sql. But you are correct in that this select is returning an id value, not a ref cursor. – Gary Myers Feb 9 '10 at 21:47. add a comment 0. Use the OPEN FOR syntax and bind. Tom, I have a cursor defined statically currently which I now need to make dynamic based on the fact that the table name will change. I would like to know the recommended approach for this type of scenario. 16.12.2008 · Re: Select for update in dynamic cursor. 675307 Dec 16, 2008 8:32 AM in response to 675773 Hi, Hope the following eg. helps, DECLARE --Declared a ref cursor. c_emp SYS_REFCURSOR; --A variable to hold the query. v_query VARCHAR232767; --A pl/sql table which can hold rows of EMP table.

The SQL cursor attributes work the same way after native dynamic SQL INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, MERGE, and single-row SELECT statements as they do for their static SQL counterparts. For more information about SQL cursor attributes, see "Cursors Overview".

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